Meeting Support Articles for Debtors Anonymous Telephone/Internet Meetings

The process of finding recovery in Debtors Anonymous using the Telephone Meetings presents some unique challenges to our members. For example, one of the 12 Tools of Debtors Anonymous is Pressure Relief Groups or also known as Pressure Relief Meetings. While this Tool is extremely effective for face-to-face interaction, we rapidly learned that doing them by phone presented additional complex issues.

As a result DATIG asked a group of writers to pen several short articles offering suggestions and support.

Note: These articles are not part of Debtors Anonymous conference approved literature.

For the Member:

For the Meeting Leader:

Help Write New Articles for DATIG

DATIG is seeking to expand it's library in order to help the D.A. phone and internet community address specific concerns and issues unique to these meetings. Do you have an idea for a new article or are interested in writing a short article?

Submit your articles to the DATIG Correspondence Secretary.