Temporary Off-site Meetings

Due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation, many face-to-face DA meetings are temporarily being held via Zoom, Skype, or telephone conference call. There is a full list of these meetings available on the main Debtors Anonymous website at: https://debtorsanonymous.org/meetings/?tsml-day=any&tsml-type=V
(DATIG will not be posting temporary meetings to our meeting list.)

Volunteers Needed for DA General Service Office

Volunteers are needed to help with answering the phone at the office. This can be done remotely.
Contact Katherine at gr8tfulkat@gmail.com

New! Speaker List Available

DATIG keeps an ongoing list of speakers across the globe who are willing to share their Experience, Strength, and Hope in DA and BDA. This list is updated annually. If you are a speaker-getter for your meeting, DA marathon, Share Day, or any other event; and/or if you would like to be on the speaker list, please email speakerchair@datig.net.  

Service Needed for Pressure Relief Marathon

PRG Recipient Coordinator Needed
A Recipient Coordinator is needed to help organize the next Pressure Relief Marathon. Time & Date TBD.
•Qualifications = 1 year of solvency, Experience giving PRMs, Good organizational skills, Good communication skills with the ability to maintain a professional manner, Clarity, Willingness to do follow-through and be thorough, and Technological proficiency
•Duties = Send out an announcement, Respond to email inquiries from people wanting to receive a 45-minute PRM, Schedule PRMs, Email numbers to the PRGs
•Time Commitment = 1 month minimum, during which you will meet regularly by phone with the other organizer.
 Please send inquiries and questions to PRMarathonService@gmail.com.

Assistance for new or struggling meetings

Sponsor-A-Group connects strong and well-resourced groups with groups that are either just getting started or in need of additional support and guidance. There are currently several DA groups that are ready to serve as sponsor groups. If you are trying to start a DA meeting or attending a meeting that needs help, please contact us at sponsoragroup@debtorsanonymous.org to be connected with a group ready to be of service.
(Sponsor-A-Group is a project of the Fellowship Communications Committee of DA's World Service. https://debtorsanonymous.org/sponsor-a-group/)

International language phone meetings

We have recently added to the Meeting Schedule meetings held in the following languages: Spanish, Russian, Swedish, Portuguese, Persian.
Spanish-speaking newcomers and DA members may be interested in visiting DebtorsAnonymous.org en Español or DeudoresAnónimos.es.

Does your meeting have international call-in numbers?

If so, we can add a link to your list of international numbers to your meeting listing on the Meeting Schedule. Contact webmaster to make arrangements. Need help finding your meeting's international call-in numbers? Here are some tips.

Shared conference line available for phone meetings

DATIG has a conference line from Freeconferencecall.com available for use by DA phone meetings. The conference line offers international call-in numbers for many countries. Use of the shared line is on an opt-in basis – it is neither automatic nor required. If your meeting would like to move to the shared line, please email the Conference Moderator to make arrangements and reserve your time slot. Also, be sure to contact both the DATIG webmaster and the DA General Service Office, so that meeting lists may be updated.

Meeting formats can be posted on DATIG website

DATIG can host a copy of your meeting’s format within your listing on our Meeting Schedule. Meetings that would like to do this may submit a PDF file to the webmaster. We suggest you include an “as-of” date, and that you review your format to remove any sensitive information before submitting – these documents will be public and potentially Google-able. Each meeting is responsible for keeping its posted format up to date.

All meetings: please send a representative to DATIG

Please consider electing a representative to attend DATIG meetings so we can more abundantly support the DA telephone meeting community. DA members who are not elected reps may also attend. See Service page for details.

Support articles for DA members and meeting leaders

For information on working DA by telephone, such as How to Have Pressure Relief Groups (PRGs) or Pressure Relief Meetings (PRMs) by Telephone, please visit Meetings/Meeting Support Articles.


Welcome to DATIG

Debtor's Anonymous Telephone Intergroup (DATIG) is made up of program volunteers, Intergroup Officers, and Intergroup Representatives from each Debtors Anonymous telephone meeting. We meet monthly to exchange information and vote on motions to support the Debtors Anonymous telephone fellowship and reach out to the addict who still suffers.

On this website you will find information all about Debtors Anonymous telephone and internet meetings. If you are new to Debtors Anonymous, view the Newcomers tab for help getting started. For a list of all the Debtors Anonymous telephone and internet meetings, view the Meeting Schedule. Under the Literature tab are all the basic literature readings of Debtors Anonymous, as well as Monthly Prayers and Recovery Stories.

We have found ways out of the pain and confusion caused by debting by participating in the Debtors Anonymous (D.A.) and Business Debtors Anonymous (B.D.A.) program. 

The Debtors Anonymous Program

If you are having problems with money and debt and think that you may be a compulsive debtor, the D.A. program can help you. We hope you will find the friendship and understanding we have been privileged to enjoy. 

No situation is hopeless. We too were lonely and frustrated, but in D.A. we have found a solution which leads to solvency and serenity. The program of D.A. is based on the suggested Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, which we try one day at a time to apply to our lives.

The suggested Twelve Steps of Debtors Anonymous provide a foundation for living that forms the basis of our spiritual program. They are the principles that made possible our recovery from the insanity of compulsive debting. Working the Steps freed us from a life based on illusion. Our new way of life has brought us financial, emotional, and spritiual healing. We have found a new joy in living. We have received the gift of spiritual awakening. If you want what we have to offer and are willing to go to any lengths to obtain it, then you are ready to follow these Twelve Steps.”

– From the Twelve Steps of Debtors Anonymous pamphlet


Welcome and Keep Coming Back.


Phone Workshops/Events Announcements

The following information is provided as a service to the D.A. phone meeting community. Unless otherwise noted, these events are not sponsored by DATIG so we are unable to answer questions about them. Event organizers, please email the webmaster on the Contact page if you would like to have your event listed here. No individual face-to-face meeting announcements please.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 20th, 10:00am to 3:00pm Eastern
Keynote Speaker and 6 workshops to choose from.  Click for PDF Flyer

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 12th, 9:00am to 12:00pm Pacific Time • 12:00pm to 3:00pm Eastern

Click for PDF Flyer

DAILY FACILITATED PHONE STUDY WORKSHOP of the TOOLS + STEPS of DA - new 2 month workshop started November 1.
Daily calls are recorded and saved for future listening. Sponsored by the Step Study DA online meeting and #1426 phone meeting, as a fundraiser for sending their GSR to the DA World Service Conference. The step study restarts every two months, Jan Feb, Mar Apr, May Jun, Jul Aug, Sep Oct, Nov Dec each year. Visit https://www.stepsponsorda.com/ for more info. Please note: the Yahoo email address previously posted here is no longer in use.

Sponsored by DA General Service Board or World Service Conference committees:

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1:00pm to 2:00pm Eastern time
Members of the Fellowship who have served as Appointed Committee Members, Project Contributors, and on the General Service Board will share how world service has contributed to their recovery. Link to Flyer

THERE IS NOW ONE DEDICATED PHONE NUMBER FOR ALL FELLOWSHIP-WIDE CALLS (conference calls sponsored by DA's General Servce Board or World Service Conference committees). It is 605-472-5540, and the access code is 617093#. The dedicated international phone numbers, as well as online access info, can be found here: debtorsanonymous.org/call-in-access

PODCASTS Playback of the speaker portion of Fellowship-wide calls are available as podcasts on the D.A. website (when made available). Visit: debtorsanonymous.org/podcasts

CALENDAR OF FUTURE FELLOWSHIP-WIDE CALLS: debtorsanonymous.org/events-and-news

SUBSCRIBE TO DA'S eNEWS: To receive announcements of events sponsored by the DA General Service Board, many of which are held via phone conference, please subscribe to eNews at the top of the DebtorsAnonymous.org Events page.

Past Recorded Events

The following information is provided as a service to the D.A. phone meeting community. Unless otherwise noted, these recorded events were not sponsored by DATIG so we are unable to answer questions about them. Event organizers, please email the webmaster on the Contact page if you would like to have your DA recorded event listed here.

PODCASTS of Fellowship-wide Calls
Playback of the speaker portion of all Fellowship-wide calls are available as podcasts on the D.A. website (when made available). Visit: debtorsanonymous.org/podcasts

DA of Northern California has numerous speaker recordings from their events available for online listening.  Access them here: https://www.norcalda.org/recordings

DA of Greater New York has numerous DA speaker recordings available for online listening, from past Share-a-Days and the DA 40th Anniversary celebration. Access the recordings here: danyc.org/recordings/recordings.htm

Tuesday DA & Health Issues telephone meeting has recordings of three telephone workshops in which speakers shared their experience, strength, & hope on these DA topics:(recorded April-May 2016)

“Life on Life’s Terms”  •  “Self Care: It’s More than a Bubble Bath”  • “Living the Promises"

To listen by phone or online: Visit the group's website for instructions: sites.google.com/site/dahealthmtg/workshops/workshops-how-to
We will use donations to help send our GSR to the DA World Service Conference; suggested donation is $15 but any amount is greatly appreciated.

Sponsored by: Sedona into Action DA meeting (was DA/BDA meeting, now DA)

Fifteen audio recordings from past workshops, on individual steps and other topics.

To listen by phone: Visit the group's website for instructions: sites.google.com/site/bdasedonaworkshops/audio-recordings. A few workshops are also downloadable as MP3 files.

7th tradition donations are welcomed and will help send their GSR to the DA World Service Conference.