How to Donate

The Seventh Tradition Statement
"Every D.A. group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions."

DATIG relies solely on the voluntary seventh tradition contributions from individual members of D.A. and individual Debtors Anonymous Telephone Meetings. At this time, we are only able to accept donations via PayPal. Donate by clicking the button to the right. If you have any questions or issues making a donation, please contact the DATIG Treasurer via email at

Where do donations go?

DATIG supports D.A. Telephone meetings all across the world by providing resources and aiding communication between Debtors Anonymous Telephone Groups.

DATIG hosts this website, publishes our local meeting list, holds our annual D.A. Fellowship Day, sponsors workshops on D.A. topics throughout the year and sends a representative to the annual D.A. World Service Conference.

Which meetings have been contributing?

In 2019, the following meetings have conributed to DATIG - thank you to all:
DA Clearaway #1374  •  No Matter What – Showing Up Action Group #127171  •  Friday Afternoon DA HOW #1129172  •  Step Sponsor DA #14261  •  Overcoming Underearning #1065  •  Friday Vision & Meditation Speaker Meeting #1124  •  (1 anonymous)

In 2018, the following meetings have conributed to DATIG - thank you to all:
Daily Commitment #72316  •  DA HOW #1701 (Wed. 10:30am)  •  DA & Health Issues #1176  •  DA & Health Issues 2 #1538  •  Overcoming Underearning #1065  •  (1 anonymous)

In 2016 and 2017, the following meetings contributed to DATIG - thank you to all:
StepSponsorDA Step Study  •  Sun 9am Eastern #967  •  DA HOW #1701 (Wed. 10:30am)  •  Monday Night DA HOW Format #120314  •  
DA & Health Issues #1176  •  DA & Health Issues 2 #1538  •  Sunday Phone BDA #968  •   DA HOW Recovery from Compulsive Spending #1528  •  (1 anonymous)

What should I say at meetings?

Download a copy (pdf)

Here is the suggested DATIG Seventh Tradition Statement:

Keep in mind that our group's monthly expenses are $_________ (i.e., rent, literature, prudent reserve, etc.). In addition, D.A. has a service structure which depends on contributions from our group. After our group's needs are met, we contribute the balance, 50% to the General Service Office and 50% to Intergroup. The General Service Office expenses include staff, rent for the office, administration, website upgrades and maintenance, new literature, and literature translations.

Please help us meet our responsibility for supporting the Fellowship as a whole." To contribute to the Telephone Intergroup, please use the PayPal button on the Donate page at

Is there a protocol we can follow to get started?

General Service Board Suggested 7th Tradition Protocol for D.A. Phone Meetings

To allow all new and existing D.A. telephone groups and meetings to align themselves with the general practices of D.A.’s Seventh Tradition, we suggest that each telephone group do the following:

  1. Elect a member to serve as treasurer
  2. Obtain a copy of the D.A. Treasurer’s manual and follow its guidance.
  3. Include the Seventh Tradition announcement in the script for your D.A. phone meeting format, and make the announcement at the midpoint of every meeting
  4. If you have a treasurer, give meeting attendees the option of sending contributions directly to DATIG or to the treasurer of your telephone group.
  5. In the absence of a treasurer, adapt the Seventh Tradition announcement to recommend that all contributions be sent directly to the DATIG.
  6. Whenever making meeting contributions directly to the DATIG, make note of your group number for clarity and tracking purposes.